Hailing from Long Island, NY, EXIT21 assumed their name from the exit that brings you to their hometown which is off of the Southern State Parkway on Long Island, NY. The group is comprised of four talented young singer/songwriter/musicians that have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of their dream.
Fraternal twins Ron E. and BSmooth partnered with their cousin SHOWTIME and longtime friend Shawn Foxx to create a musical movement that would set them apart from the norm. The first time they got together and sang four part harmony they knew they were headed for something big.

EXIT 21 delivers the goods both in the recording booth and in their high energy, electrifying stage performance. This powerhouse group, with their flawless choreography, strong vocal style and showmanship are what people are craving. They always deliver the goods!

Teaming up with powerhouse producer Carlos (Los da Mystro) Mckinney who was responsible for hits that include “Trading Places/ USHER, BED/ J. Holiday and countless hits with the DREAM, Rihanna, Chris Brown and The Queen herself Beyonce, along with the guidance of Pamela Patino of management company MiddleGround Entertainment, Inc., it’s pretty clear that EXIT 21 is set to put their stamp on the music industry.