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Experience and beautiful aesthetics.

I have found a way where I can combine my experience in the entertainment branche with my IT background. Developing websites and applications for different artists and promotors. But also to travel as tourmanager for those artists and see different places of the world.Father, Husband, Analist, Software engineer, App developer, Website Developer, Tourmanager, Artistmanager, Chief of Executive, Entrepeneur are just some of things that I do and combine with each other so I can be the best of me...




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The latest news and updates about my work. A digression in my design workflow & methodologies.

Christina Milian 2nd European Tour with IA

Christina Milian touring with International Affairs

EXIT21 2nd European IA Tour

We bringing Exit21 for the second time to Europe to promote their new…

Nope Is Dope Website

Nope is Dope Is Back and I have built there new website

Rockstarz Website

New Webdesign for the company Rock Starz in The Netherlands

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My passion is working closely with interesting companies to visually elevate their brand. Sometimes I am available to develop new freelance projects. Let's talk & find a fit.